About Us

ATN Comunicaciones & Sistemas is a young and dynamic enterprise, which understands the vertiginous technological and economical changes of these globalized times, and acts in consequence, developing suitable products for the optimization of companies’ resources, and updating them periodically, in order to keep them at the highest of this brand new age.

Because of that, one of our main goals is the development of Software and Hardware applied to communications.

In 1996 and alter five years of development, ATN launches to the market the Resource Management System TestLine, that allows to analyze the telephonic traffic, for its optimization and control. Nowadays, the main telephony suppliers, as MATERTEL, PROVETEL, ARMAGALLI, TELEFONICA, amongst others, are commercializing it.

In 1997, we incorporated ATN Buffer, complimentary to the TestLine System, which function is to store the communications log of a PBBX into a virtual memory, without the necessity of a PC.

In 1998, our Co. introduces IVR ATN, after two years and a half of research, that is a spoken and written communications and information server, which enhances companies’ attention.

In 2K ATN introduces ATN Voz (Voice Mail / Auto-Attendant) and ATN Recorder (Calls Logger), completing in this way IVRs family of products.